This time, I went for a grunge, black look! I always wanted to try out a different look than usual. The black leggins with my beloved Doc Martens and the choker (this is by the way the first time I'm wearing one...) is definetly a really comfortable look but still unusual.

As it is for me the first time wearing a choker, I didn't want to buy one, so I used a small scarf to create the same look. And I have to admit, I was really content with my small DIY.

For all of those who have never worn a pair of Doc's, I can highly recommend them If you're searching for the perfect, comfortable everyday pair. I once thought that If I could only keep one pair of shoes, they would be Docs.

I hope you like the outfit, have a good rest of the week!!


// VINTAGE shirt // Rockamora Leggins   // DIY choker               //DOC MARTENS shoes


November 9, 2016