Recently I discovered my love for flared jeans. Somehow they're not everybody's favorite but I think they're a great piece to combine and what everybody should have. People say flared denim looks better on tall people with long legs. But hey, should this keep me away from wearing them just because I'm one of the shorter girls? Definetly not.

For the most styling ideas or trends I would say it's always worth a try, to see whether you like the look on you prefer to leave it. But often I'm surprised how good things work out on myself when I , for example, pair my favorite shirt, bag or colour in general with a new item. This could not only be a flared denim but maybe a nee pair of dungarees or a new length for a skirt.

So all I'm saying is give it a try to wear items that at first sight may seem to extraordinary. Because you never know if this will be your future "can't-live-without-piece" in your wardrobe.



- you can wear it with sneakers or platforms for a casual occasion

- for fall you just put your favorite Sweater on top

- it is comfortable

- it makes your look special without much effort

Now, as I'm obsessed with flared pants, I can't wait to add a blue one and [already thinking about SS17] a white one ;-).

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October 18, 2016